Feeding the baby axolotls

hi guys so I’m taking care of the babies right now as you can see and these two aren’t holding back they were a lot bigger um I have two different batches of eggs what I had and they were all laid at a different time and this batch is the first batch obviously because they’re a lot bigger than the others and they’re they’re almost like a month apart and these guys are the biggest out of my first clutch so they’re really hungry and I’m keeping these guys but be really hungry so I’m feeding them and I thought I would show you come on yep sure you may see I thought they were about to do a wedding in the turf there but these guys they’re already done eating I need to go put them back in their tub same with these guys the little ones I feed brine shrimp and blood ones and I’ll see you these guys fried shrimp sometimes mainly bloodworms though because they’re bigger and it’s easier to see them second then I pick it up with my feeding tongs that I feed my snake was and these guys harder to get them to eat blood worms they’ll only the small ones and these guys are a little bit bigger than these God’s good yes kind of hard to feed them with my left-handers and then you guys will eat a cube alone by themselves it’s pretty crazy handily eatin some lunch room oh I guess he just gave up but he doesn’t realize got some brine shrimp is in his mouth but I’ve already said these guys I don’t think they’ll eat anymore I also have these axolotls not these too but I have ones to plot these on for sale on my Instagram account I need to make a website instead of just using my Instagram – not everybody has an Instagram but if you don’t have an Instagram I think you can view I think you can use Instagram for free like not that it causes anything but you have to make an account and if you have a computer you can just type in rooster them and view anything without an account let’s see your shoulders a little one cut out I doubt it I think she wants to but it’s hard because I’m using my left hand so I was shaky and she can’t find it oh I’m sorry um further branch hunt is actually more has more protein so if you do that’s why I think the babies that I don’t really care just to these guys to grow a whole lot but frozen ground trip does have more protein and if it’s hard to do with relatives but there you go so if I don’t post a lot on Instagram I mean I don’t post a lot on YouTube so if you would like to see more of my axolotls I’m a lot so if you’d like to see more of follow my Instagram account at Southern dot axolotls so on thank you for watching