Feeding My Axolotls! // VLOGMAS DAY 3

good morning guys welcome back to solid gold and welcome to day three of vlogmas I’ve got my breakfast drink here and I’m getting ready to go feed some animals we got a lot of mouths to feed so let’s get to it you begging for breakfast Rodger come on good morning Henry I changed up his cage a little bit guys I’m constantly changing his setup and everything he actually used to be roaming free in my office but he he got back behind the blockade that I set up for my computer cords and he chewed up a whole bunch of foam so I decided I had to rethink things so that’s when I moved him into this room and at first I had it set up differently but then I realized I could extend it since I’m not really using this room for anything else right now I could extend it from one side of the room to the other to the opposite side so that’s what I did and he seems a lot happier with a little more space and also I don’t have to lock him in that little cage overnight anymore because the reason I had to do that before is he can actually he can’t jump over this fence but he can jump on top of this so he was jumping on top of this and then jumping out of the whole entire cage but now that that’s in the corner he can’t jump on top of that and then jump out so so far so good you want some breakfast Henry I picked up some supplies for the fish room and I got some supplies in the mail yesterday that I have to bring out with me I’ve got some more fruit fly what is this fruit fly media this is the stuff you put on the bottom of the cup to culture the fruit flies and some more Excelsior this is the stuff that you put in the cup for the Flies to crawl on I picked up these measuring glasses at the grocery store last night when I was doing my grocery shopping I really like to have one of these for each tank they really come in handy when measuring out the dechlorinator and then this is just one of my fishroom towels that I washed and I have to bring back out there yes I have dedicated towels for my fish room which is really nice because I can keep them separate from all my house towels [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] are you guys being lazy hey Sammy maybe lately – OH chin scratches we love chin scratches let’s feed the tetras and plecos in the 90 gallon tank [Music] oops I was a little heavy-handed with the flakes this time but that’s alright the plecos will help eat the extras [Music] all right now the only animals left to feed are my axolotls which are in here in my office so I’m gonna do I’m gonna feed them they’re red wiggler worms but before I do that their tank is a little due for a water change so I’ll do their water change first look at Medusa’s all eager to eat I’ll do their water change first and then I’ll show you guys you’ll get to see them eating which is always a fun time look at she’s so eager this is the one that bit my finger that one time you remember that you guys may remember when I first got my axolotls I did not have a chiller set up for their tank now I do it’s right down here at keeping their tank consistently at 66 degrees which is really nice it offers me peace of mind knowing that their temperature is correct so their stress levels being kept nice and low where it should be the only thing I don’t like about the chiller is how loud it is you guys can probably hear it already but it’s quite loud which is why I’m a little bummed that I don’t get to move the axolotl tank out to the fish room like I said in a previous video I’m considering their tank to be contaminated with whatever it was that killed my goldfish because the ex model shared water change equipment with the goldfish tanks I’m getting really bummed out about the noise I always have to unplug it when I’m editing videos after a certain length of time because it just like grates on my nerves you know that constant fan noise so I’m thinking about actually moving the axolotl tank over here into this spare bedroom where Henry is right now there’s plenty of room in here they could go like in this corner or something the only problem is the only faucet in my house that I have that I can hook up a Python water changer hose to is way over on that side of the house so I think I do have a second bathroom right in there just a little tiny half bath so but the faucet is not the kind that you can hook up the Python hose to so I think I’m gonna have to change out the faucet in that sink which shouldn’t be too big of a problem and then I can move the X models in here and have go back to having some peace and quiet in my office for when I’m editing videos and stuff which would be very nice I could also look into getting a longer Python hose right now I have a 25-foot one which wouldn’t reach but I do think a 50-foot one would reach with no problem the only thing is with it being so much farther away from the sink that it’s hooked up to the suction power might be a little bit reduced which is why I’m considering changing out the faucet instead let’s get started on the axolotl water change now I’m only gonna change half of the water normally I would do a little bit larger of a water change but for this take I’m only going to do half because it is kept at 66 degrees it’s even cold to the touch the glasses on the outside it’s really cold and the water coming out of my tap doesn’t get anywhere close to as cold as 66 degrees being here in Florida the water coming out of the tap even the cold water is not like really cold so I’m just gonna change half of the water to avoid a massive temperature shock for them what is the first and most important step of doing a water change putting your hair up you don’t want your hair dipping in no aquarium water that’s just gross [Music] [Applause] [Music] another reason why I only like to change half of the water at a time for my axolotl tank is because that way I can leave the chiller running while I’m doing the water change so when I am pumping in the new water I angle it towards the pump that feeds the water into the chiller so you can see that the new water is basically going directly into the chiller pump they’re getting chilled and cooled down and that helps again that helps with mitigating the temperature difference that axolotls are going to experience during the water change I figured you guys might be wondering about these gloves that I’ve been wearing in the last two videos these are full arm length gloves and I got them on Amazon after I realized that both this tank and my 90 gallon tank in the living room are have to be considered as contaminated I wanted something extra in addition to hand washing to protect my fish room and the other fish the new fish I’m going to get out there from cross-contamination because I have to put my hands in the tanks to do water changes and feed the animals and things like that so just an added layer of protection these gloves you guys are interested in getting some of these or checking them out I’ll put a link in the description section below to where I found these [Music] let’s get some worms for the axolotls in the past I have fed them earthworms I have a video showing you guys me feeding them earthworms and I still would there’s nothing wrong with that it’s just that you have to kind of cut them in half so that they’re small enough and I rather skip that extra step so I got these red wiggler worms – I can’t always find them in the stores that’s the problem so whatever I can find is what I have to feed them I’m gonna give each of my axolotls three worms each they’re not that big and I don’t feed my X lattos every single day I only feed them every two or three days so they should each be able to eat three of these worms without any problem but let’s rinse them off first I can’t remember who it was that suggested this I wish I could remember your name I’m so sorry but you know who you are once you guys learned that I named the black axolotl Medusa there was one of you that suggested I name the other two the the names of Medusa’s sisters so apparently the three Gorgon sisters were Medusa and these other two names are really hard to pronounce and but I think it’s you Rayleigh and steno so I’m gonna name the other two these two leucistic girls I’m gonna name one euralia and one steno I still can’t tell the two of them apart so I don’t know which one is which but that’s what their names are [Applause] [Music] and with that being done pretty much all of my animal tasks are done for the day I say pretty much because there’s still a few loose ends that I have to wrap up but I’m going to probably end this vlog about here so I have enough time to edit it and still get it up before it gets to be tomorrow but calendars I wanted to talk about the calendars a little bit because originally I was told that they would get here on Wednesday then that was pushed back to Thursday and pushed back again to today but I’m looking at the tracking right now and it says they are out for delivery and they’re on the truck for delivery today I’m really excited for them to arrive but I’m also like slightly dreading it because I started selling them as pre-orders so I didn’t have them yet so I’m sitting on a whole bunch of backlogged pre-orders that once the calendars get here I have to like really bust my butt to get those orders out because I want to get all of them out tomorrow if the calendars show up today so wish me luck you guys they’re here the calendars are here there’s the UPS truck oh my gosh I’m so excited there it is solid gold aquatics 2018 goldfish calendar and other pets this is my favorite calendar out of all of the calendars I’ve ever made I’ve been doing these calendars for like six years now and this one yes you guys like that I added this little bottom bar of extra pictures and there’s a little did you know informational blurb on each one that gives you some information about the animal that’s on the calendar page for that month every year for the past I don’t even know how long I’ve put quiet on the August page because Clyde’s my favorite fish of all time and my birthday is in August it’s a real finished product it’s always so surreal to like create something design it spend hours upon hours staring at it on a screen and then finally have it like a physical version of it in your hand it’s just like amazing it’s so exciting so anyways as a special thank you to those of you who are watching my vlogs for vlogmas this year I’m going to do a special 25% off coupon code that you can find in the description scription section of the video and it’s only going to be good through the weekend so you have to act fast on it but I just want to do something extra-special since the calendars just got here and I’m so excited and grateful to all of you guys who are watching the vlogs so yeah there’s gonna be a coupon code in the description section down below 25% off through this weekend only so – expire at midnight on Monday so it’s only good through Sunday night it’s always confusing when you talk about midnight like do you say midnight I know I know technically you’re supposed to say midnight on Monday because like the day starts at minute anyways the coupon code is good through the weekend only I think you guys know what that means oh my gosh look at that I’m getting a heat rash I have the most sensitive skin in the world if it’s like a little bit too hot BAM heat rash anyways thank you guys so much for watching this video and thank you thank you thank you I love making these vlogs for you guys I really hope you’re enjoying them and yeah I’ll see you on Monday with a new vlog I think what I’m gonna do actually is vlog throughout the weekend of my process of shipping these out and everything so that you guys can see that a little bit too for Monday so until next time stay gold