Axolotls are Illegal in these States

here are the places in the United States that do not allow axolotls first before we get started I wanted to tell you that if you go to the axolotl holux facebook group and you click on these files there will be a file that has all of the different United state laws regarding axolotls and the appropriate links so don’t forget to check that out first thing we’ll talk about is California California has made all ambystoma illegal another state where axolotls are illegal is New Jersey New Jersey has an exempted species list which axolotls are not on therefore they require a permit unfortunately the permit also tells you that you cannot have axolotls due to their difficulties in determining morphological differences among several species basically meaning they can’t tell them apart another state that recently made Expo is illegal is Virginia Virginia has a list of all the animals that you may not keep as pets without a permit despite the fact that Virginia says the permit is required the Fish and Wildlife Service has spoken about this and told us that they will not be issuing permits for any of the species on the permit required list actual levels are also illegal in Maine Maine has an unrestricted fish and wildlife species list and axolotls are not on it which unfortunate for us means that they require a permit recently means technical committee reviewed axolotls and yet again denied them so they are still illegal in New Mexico you are allowed to possess an axolotl but unfortunately you’re not allowed to import one New Mexico has a list of all different types of species and what the rules are regarding them and unfortunate for us actual levels are not on any of those lists which therefore automatically throws them into group five which are not allowed to be imported even under permit for the general public all links will be in the description below if you have any questions regarding this drop a comment in the comment section but please just keep in mind everyone that every single city has different laws regarding animals and some cities may restrict your pets and what you can have so always double check by calling your local fish & wildlife office